Infant Finches

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The art-rock duo Infant Finches play oblique music that catches you off guard, carelessly balancing between straight forms and cryptic motives. The moment you press play, you join them for an adventure that pushes and pulls the listener through eclectic guitar riffs, polyrhythmic percussions, and cryptic lyrics that nestle beneath the instruments' surface. Just when you feel like their world is about to collapse, a lucid melody grounds you back to their aesthetics. Suddenly you find yourself floating away inside the pockets of small, processed details that drift through their tracks. The band's discography holds two EPs on self-made cassettes, both produced in their rehearsal space. In 2022, they released their debut album, a manifestation of Infant Finches' sound. The duo becomes an interactive three-piece for their live performances, playing the songs through sampled guitars, synths, and field recordings.


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