Der Assistent

Der Assistent

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Man needs Assitenten (assistants). Helpers to realize ideas. Or spiritual support. Yes, who wouldn't like to have a Robin or an R2D2 at their side? An appointment with the most patient therapist in town. A seat at the bar with the most charming bartender? Our entire lives are based on the principle of assistance. At the very least, it's astonishing how many people we entrust with our happiness who, in the end, we don't even know. Pop also provides assistance. When no one is around, we put on a song. Songs to wake up, songs to overcome heartbreak. Der Assistent writes dubby pop songs that give you air to breathe. Songs to relax. To come down. In a very uplifting way. Rumour has it that Der Assistent has a song in his drawer for almost every purpose. How good that you can simply follow him. Der Assistent is there for us 24 hours a day. No matter where we are. We really can't expect more from a pop-assistant.


Divine Past
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