Ray Novacane

Ray Novacane

Papercup Records

Tired of passive-aggressive texting that produces nothing but misconceptions? What would the Cologne-based trio Ray Novacane do with this? Turn it into a refreshing high baller with your ears returning for more. A subtle insult here, a wrong-interpreted emoji there. Nothing but paranoia between the lines. When listening to Ray Novacane, the live drums groove sluggishly, the synthesizer waves rush through the bloodstream like catchy endorphins, and the guitar riffs are pure, powerful, and melancholic. And the vocals hit where it hurts, but in a way that pleasantly addicts you. The trio have played at Cologne Music Week, Eurosonic, and OpenSource. They have toured with Anna of The North, Electric Wire Hustle, and Malky. In 2017, they were nominated as best newcomers for the NRW-Pop award.


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