Timid Tiger

Papercup Records

Timid Tiger came together in the summer of 2002 when Christian Voss and Keshav Purushotham exchanged songwriting ideas at the Rose Club disco in Cologne. Keshav had spent his early childhood in India - his father played percussion in an Indian rock band and often took his son to his gigs. Soon Evgeni Kouris (keyboards) joined the band - a highly gifted person who had already completed his piano training when he came to Keshav's school from Russia. A first EP entitled "Timid Tiger & the Electric Treasure Box" was released in 2004 on Highcat Records. The Hamburg indie cult label Lado became aware of the band and released the first album "Timid Tiger & A Pile Of Pipers" already in 2005. With new members Christopher Martin (bass)and Steffen Wilmking (drums) Timid Tiger released two more albums, "Timid Tiger & The Electric Island"(Columbia/Sony, 2008)) and "The Streets Are Black" (Papercup Records/Buback 2011)


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