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"Pre-Order now: Keshavara’s “III” Vinyl LP"

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Keshavara sport splendid mustaches, wear bold headpieces and speak an adventurous patois of English, Hindi, German, and Gibberish. On their new album “III,” the Cologne-based outfit led by German-Indian musician Keshav Purushotham creates music in the way people mix their cocktails after they’ve already enjoyed three drinks: Washed-out kraut-pop and diasporic dub-not-dub excursions are roughly measured out and then shaken wildly.

While Keshavara’s debut was a solo album and its follow-up “Kabinett der Phantasie” was essentially a duo’s work, with their self-produced third album, Keshav Purushotham, Niklas Schneider, Benedikt Filleböck and Christopher Martin have finally grown together into a four-piece band… and all based around an antique Farfisa organ that just turned up in the studio as a gift. A strange artifact from a time of slow jams, studio live takes, and an excessive use of space echo that somehow found its way into all of the songs. With “III,” Keshavara prove themselves to be shrewd sound alchemists and accomplished travelers between worlds, a soft power whose strength is fed by the band’s members’ enormous musicality, love of storytelling, and surrealistic wit.

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Pre-Order now: Keshavara’s “III” Vinyl LP
Pre-Order now: Keshavara’s “III” Vinyl LP
Pre-Order now: Keshavara’s “III” Vinyl LP
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