"Pre-Order LIV ALMA Vinyl LP"

The self-titled LIV ALMA album is out on Bandcamp and all streaming services. Pre-order the 12″ LP!

LIV ALMA oscillates between fragile vocals, scratchy electric guitar, and sound-manipulated samples. She creates loopy songs that are sometimes light, sometimes weird, and emerge as skillfully unskilled. Growing up in Rüsselsheim (Hessian), LIV ALMA, aka Johanna Klein, came into contact with various instruments at an early age. Starting with classical piano, she eventually discovered jazz and improvisation. She learned saxophone and deepened her relationship with it by studying at the Cologne University of Music and Dance. Guitar and vocals have played a subordinate role so far; in the lockdown and a four-week quarantine, first song sketches and ideas materialized, which ultimately led to the founding of her solo project LIV ALMA. She produces pop, noise, and leftfield pieces with the Cologne-based drummer, producer, and fellow PCR artist Jan Philipp.

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Pre-Order LIV ALMA Vinyl LP
Pre-Order LIV ALMA Vinyl LP
Pre-Order LIV ALMA Vinyl LP
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